2016 Events

History . . . with a Side of Soup!

November 2 - Giving Thanks

While the native Wampanoag People and the Plymouth colonists are often credited as the authors of the holiday, the actual history of Thanksgiving in America abounds with fascinating anecdotes, people and events including World War II, one very persistent woman, innovations in food and food technology, immigrants from all over the world and an evolving sense of what this holiday means to Americans.

Menu - Turkey Soup, Bread, Indian Pudding, BYO Beer or Wine.

November 16 - The Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday but beyond the bird and a few standard sides, the menu is as varied as the cultures of the nation’s melting pot—and every recipe tells a story. Be prepared to share your own Thanksgiving menu at this talk -- Kathleen believes that the choices we make about what we serve on our Thanksgiving tables say a great deal about who we are and make us a part of this ever evolving holiday history.

Menu - 17th Century Turkey Pie (Peasecods), Pumpkin Bisque, Apple Almond Crostata (tart), BYO Beer or Wine.

These two programs, "From Pilgrims to Pumpkin Pie," feature author Kathleen Curtin!

Kathleen Curtin is a food historian, author, history teacher and an authority on the Thanksgiving holiday and menu. Kathleen spent more than 20 years at Plimoth Plantation. After years of answering questions about the Thanksgiving holiday, Kathleen co-authored Giving Thanks, with fellow food historian Sandy Oliver.

Tikets $18/$15 members for each event. Reservations required Parsons Center and Jefferds Tavern, 3 Lindsay Road Both programs start at 6 pm.

Old York's 2016 Christmas Tea!

Saturday, December 3,
Noon-4:00 pm at Jefferds Tavern.

Old York presents its annual holiday tradition, with tea, homemade desserts and fireside tables. This year’s event celebrates the History of Chocolate. Purchase tickets at the door (no advance ticket sales) $10 adults; $5 children (ages 5-14); free for kids 0-4.

Following the Festival of Lights Parade visit with Santa at the Parsons Center and enjoy hot chocolate and donut holes! (approximately 5 pm, depending on the parade)

Holiday Whisky Tasting

December 9, 2016
6 pm at Jefferds Tavern

Join us for our 5th annual Whisky Tasting in Jefferds Tavern. Peter Blyberg returns as our whisky connoisseur to introduce you to the qualities of each single malt whisky. Chef Bill Irish will be at the hearth with some nibbles coming straight off the fire, and two of the performers from Great Bay Sailor will be singing and telling stories to entertain the crowd.

Dec 16 – Great Bay Sailor Yuletide Concert 7 pm at Parsons Center

Great bay Sailor returns this year with their Yuletide repertoire including songs of Brittany; carols of the British Restoration (mid 17th century); ancient ceremonial marches; "pub carols" born in the countryside near Sheffield England; familiar settings from the well known Anglican Ceremony of Carols; music that tells the Christmas story with an Appalachian accent; Irish songs, both tender and raucous; seasonal selections from the British Music Hall; and lovely tunes and airs to make the season dance. An engaging holiday performance.

The Bulman Bed Hangings

The Bulman Bed Hangings at Museums of Old York, Maine

The Bulman Bed hangings are the crown jewel of our collection, and are widely considered a national treasure. The Museum has recently received a grant from the Coby Foundation to have the bed hangings professionally stabilized and conserved in preparation for installation in the Remick Gallery.

We will be telling the fascinating history of the bed hangings through a series of posts on our blog, introducing readers to the talented team of experts involved in the project, as well as documenting the conservation and reinstallation process, and sharing new findings. Please join us on this incredible journey by reading our first post and signing up to follow the blog.

Follow our blog to receive updates of future posts.

April 3: Fireside New England Seafood Dinner with award winning chef Jeremy Sewall

April 1: Architectural Conservator Steven Mallory presented architectural forensics and the process of discovering the secrets of old buildings.

March 4: "History... with a Side of Soup" featuring J Dennis Robinson, author of Mystery on the Isles of Shoals

February 27: "Beer Tasting" with SoMe Brewing

February 11: "History... with a Side of Soup" Appreciating Cape Neddick

February 6: "Tavern Dinner" with Chef Ares of York River Landing

January 23: "Curator's Pot Luck"

January 16: "Tavern Dinner" with Chef Justin Walker of Earth at Hidden Pond

January 6: "History... with a Side of Soup" with Emerson Tad Baker, author of A Storm of Withchcraft: The Salem Trials and the Americal Experience

September 30: The History of Mt. Agamenticus with Ron Nowell

October 1-17: Piercing the Pickle: A Show of Contemporary Condiment Utensils

October 17: Emma Lewis Coleman:  Maine An Exhibition of Photographs

October 23: Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

November 6: Taven Dinner

November 18: History of Mount Agamenticus with Ron Nowell

February 3, 2016: Tammi Truax – The Life of Ona Judge Staines

February 5, 2016: Tavern Dinner with Chef Evan Mallett of Black Trumpet Bistro

February 12, 2016: Curator's Pot Luck

February 17, 2016: "History... with a Side of Soup" Kate McCarty – Distilled in Maine: A History of Libations, Temperance, and Craft Spirits

February 27, 2016: “A Spirited Tasting” – sampling the products of the Wiggly Bridge Distillery