Virginia Parsons Education Center (formerly known as Remick Barn)

Hearth CookingA Yankee style barn built in neighboring Eliot, Maine, in 1834, the Remick Barn provides space for our education programs and exhibit gallery. The visitors center is adjacent to the Remick Barn, and connects the barn to Jefferds' Tavern. The entire complex consitutes The Virginia Weare Parsons Education Center. This year, The Parsons Center's Remick Gallery hosts an exhibit entitled The Barrell Family Collection: A Return To York. The Parsons Center also hosts concerts, special programs and our educational programs. The first floor has a large room dedicated to our educational programs and includes a replica hearth used to cook stews and bake breads.

The roots of the Remick family in Eliot extend back to the seventeenth century. Today, much of the family land has been developed, but the wonderful barn lives on at Old York and is a tribute to a family with strong connections to Southern Maine. The museum's acquisition of the barn came about in March of 2005, when the Remick family first heard of the museum's plans to build a visitor and education center. Because of the family's long history, they decided to donate the barn to the museum. Old York had the structure documented and dismantled in anticipation of its future use. With much of the original structure still intact, the historic integrity of the building has been retained even while the barn was adapted for a non-agricultural use.

We are still researching the history of the Remick Family. As a part of that research, we were given access to several historic photographs of the farm. It is a fitting tribute that this incredible building will now be used to educate area residents, visitors and school children about the history of our community. We look forward to sharing this wonderful space with you!